La Rocco Pizza

We put this restaurant together in 9 days! The owner had lost her lease of ten years at another location and  had to move in a hurry. She was going to lose a ton of money if she couldn’t’ get back up and running quickly. We put in a walk-in cooler, new counters & cabinets, raised the ceiling and rebuilt the soffit, took down the front store front to get in the massive pizza oven, installed all the kitchen equipment and more! We worked 9 days straight, 8am to midnight, and got ‘er done! Here’s Mike the first day:


Mike started getting the plumbing ready for all the new kitchen equipment. He also had to remove part of the storefront to get the massive pizza oven inside. I got with our cabinet guy to get the cabinet built and installed; then I revamped the soffit to make more room for dining, and took care of all the electrical:


We ordered a walk-in cooler kit and found a nice spot for it. We had to move the bathroom door to the other wall. Mike did the assembly and I handled the electrical and compressor install. Before:




Mike built a new pony wall and counter while I installed a couple of HVAC split units:


Mike put up the TVs:


We got the floor tile and drywall all patched and painted up. Handled the city and the health department for the client. And, got her back in business in a little over a week!:


Here’s the grand opening:




Here’s our happy owner:


Really great pizza, btw! Try out the “Joe Hunt” pie at: