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MJ Custom Construction
For the Discerning Customer

Why Us?
We’re proud of the fact that we design projects that make sense!

It’s not unusual for us to save a client 20% or more by re-designing a project and making it better! Let us show you some ideas, you be the judge! Better for less, we do it all the time! Better still, have us design your project from the start! We feel code is minimum and oftentimes have a higher standard. We are a California State Licensed General Contracting Company since 1989. We’re licensed, bonded and insured. We do the job right and try our best to make each client a satisfied and happy referral. We don’t like the saying, “it is what it is.” Our saying,”It is what we make it!”

handymanHandyman ok?
Should you hire a handyman to work on your home?

We just can’t understand what gets into people’s minds when they let a handyman touch the electrical, plumbing, or structure of their home! Electrical is the number one cause of house fires and plumbing leaks require major repairs. Does the handyman know all the California codes? Does he know which codes are minimum requirements? Is he getting permits? What recourse do you have if there are problems? Even if you hire a handyman for a small job, it’s still a small job done wrong.

???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Right time?
Money Magazine says real estate is the opportunity of a lifetime!

Money is available at low interest rates and real estate prices are going up! Add into the equation that most of us craftsman have lowered our prices to a minimal over the last few years, and the answer is that it is a great time to build or remodel! Low interest money, low cost work, and high return on your investment! Now is a great time to build, remodel, or get that maintenance done!